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Ayurveda Services


Ayurveda health Services

Ayurveda Services are useful for those who are interested in prevention and would like to maintain their good health. It is beneficial for those who are experiencing health conditions/imbalances and wish to restore balance to improve their health and longevity.

  • Ayurveda consultation

    An Ayurvedic Consultation is a holistic health assessment where we evaluate your state of balance and imbalance through Ayurvedic guidelines. We offer online and in person consultation as well. (Should have a unique book appointment option). When clicked ayurveda consultation it should show the description and options for the five different type of consultations we offer. And right below there should be another unique button that says book appointment with price and availability.

  • Healing Therapies

    Ayurveda therapies are healing therapies which are a powerful method to achieve the goal of prevention and healing. They will help provide gentle purification, rejuvenation to the tissues, strengthening of the body (system), which helps to achieve balance. When clicked should show the different types of healing therapies we offer, should show description, benefits. There should be another unique button to book an appointment only regarding healing therapies where price, dates, and time availability should be available.

  • Ayurveda (panchakarma) Detoxification

    Panchakarma is deep cleanse therapies.
    Pancha in Sanskrit means “five,” and karma means “action” and refers to five different purifying and rejuvenating procedures in Ayurveda. These therapies help to eliminate the diseases-causing "ama" (accumulated toxins) and imbalanced doshas (energies) from the body which helps to re-establish health & balance.

  • Ayurveda Workshops

    Workshops will include hands on experience in person or online. The workshops are designed to incorporate Ayurveda into our everyday life. We introduce how to apply Ayurveda’s wellness approach to enhance immunity, health, and well being. Our goal is to educate and really engage participants in Ayurveda wellness topics. These various topics could range from and include Ayurveda basic principles, lifestyle, cooking, and so on.


why Ayurvedapath

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  • Maintain mind-body balance
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  • Years of Experience
  • ancient Vedic methods
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