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We offer online & in person consultation where we evaluate your body's nature and imbalance through Ayurveda way

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Ayurvedic massage and other therapies are powerful method of purification and treatment in Ayurveda

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We provide single and compounds of herbal supplements with blending oils teas, capsules etc...


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Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is heavily practiced in India and Nepal, where around 80% of the population report using it.

Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia. Therapies include medicines, special diets, meditation, yoga, massage, laxatives, enemas, and medical oils. Medicines are typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra). Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty, kidney stone extractions, sutures, and the extraction of foreign objects.

The main classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the gods to sages, and then to human physicians. In Sushruta Samhita (Sushruta's Compendium), Sushruta wrote that Dhanvantari, Hindu god of Ayurveda, incarnated himself as a king of Varanasi and taught medicine to a group of physicians, including Sushruta. Ayurveda has been adapted for Western consumption, notably by Baba Hari Dass in the 1970s and Maharishi Ayurveda in the 1980s. Some scholars assert that Ayurveda originated in prehistoric times, and that some of the concepts of Ayurveda have existed from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization or even earlier. Ayurveda developed significantly during the Vedic period and later some of the non-Vedic systems such as Buddhism and Jainism also developed medical concepts and practices that appear in the classical Ayurveda texts.

In Ayurveda texts, Doṣa balance is emphasized, and suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness. Ayurveda treatises describe three elemental doṣas viz. vāta, pitta and kapha, and state that balance (Skt. sāmyatva) of the doṣas results in health, while imbalance (viṣamatva) results in disease. Ayurveda treatises divide medicine into eight canonical components. Ayurveda practitioners had developed various medicinal preparations and surgical procedures from at least the beginning of the common era.


customer review


Alexandra Unruh

Every day I encounter one or more people who have some kind of physical ailment which I'm thinking can be remedied through the treatment of ayurveda. Sometimes it's as easy as discontinuing eating a certain food and maybe, adopting new eating habits.* That's about me. What I want to do is briefly write about Dr. Shah. Her practice is intelligent and thorough because, she is intelligent and thorough. She has answered my questions so that I have a much better understanding of what is happening in and to my body. 'No stone is left unturned".* Whether you have aching joints, aching back or even cancer, Dr. Shah can be of service.* Even mental conditions and disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome can be addressed with effectiveness.* Dr. Shah has extended her health care treatments, supplements and knowledge to me over the course of 7 years. Myself and my family, are so much better off as a result! * Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to all!.

Neeru Prashar

If you want an authentic Ayurveda experience then this is the place for you. I was looking for Ayurvedic doctor in Edmonton from last many years and after trying different practitioners, I felt that I am in right hands. With her knowledge and down to earth attitude she has so much to offer..


I want to thank Dr. Shah for her insightful assessment of my condition, deeply caring attitude, and effective treatment.
For over 35 years I had a chronic nasal congestion. The Ayurvedic nasal therapy administered by Dr. Shah healed it completely.

Devinder Thind

I visit there 2-3 times. She is too good and so nice

Nehal Shah

The best ayurveda clinic with a brilliant young doctor, dedicated and passionate. Dr Dhara Shah's diagnosis and treatment is as good as you'll get anywhere in India. The prices are very reasonable. If you are thinking of taking some ayurveda treatment or have a medical problem, this is the place for you. You can also go there to get customized herbal teas aimed at balancing your doshas and thereby giving you healthy life. Dr. Dhara is very knowledgeable about 'western' medicine as Ayurvedic doctors do a similar training to allopathic ones in the first few years, then they specialize in Ayurveda. I could go on and on. Back in US now and can't believe how strong, quick thinking and energetic I am. I'll definitely go back next year.


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