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Ayurvedic detox

Ayurvedic detox

Ayurvedic detox is very highly recommended to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

An Ayurvedic cleansing diet or Ayurvedic detox diet, in line with Ayurvedic nutrition is usually recommended to cleanse the body of ama (body toxins), amavisha (toxic poisons) and garavisha (environmental toxins through air, water and food). An Ayurveda detox or Ayurveda cleanse through enemas, and herbal preparations eliminate toxins.
With so many healthy food options out there, you may be inspired to take charge of your health. A powerful alternative to this all-or-nothing approach is starting small and gradually making incremental changes to create a lifestyle that cultivates health and well-being.

What Are Toxins?

According to the healing system of Ayurveda, your natural state is health, balance, and happiness. A toxin is anything that enters your body-mind and interferes with your natural state, creating imbalances that, over time, can lead to illness. There are many kinds of toxins that you can distill into two major sources:

  • • Physical toxins found in your food, personal and household products, air, water, and other elements of your environment
  • • Emotional toxins, such as negative thought patterns and beliefs, self-criticism, chronic stress, and painful experiences that you haven’t fully digested

Ayurveda recommends detoxifying on a regular basis to eliminate toxins and return to your innate state of health and well-being. While a complete Ayurvedic detox often lasts several weeks, undertaking a three-day detox will still give you many benefits, awakening your body’s capacity for renewal and self-regulation.