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Ayurveda Health consultation

Ayurveda Health consultation

Ayurveda consultation is help to restore helath and balance in lives

Ayurveda consultation is useful for both those who are intrested, preventation & rejuvanation and for those who are experiencing heal roblems and wish to restore helath and balance in to their lives.
Health consultation is conducted by an ayurvedic doctor/vaidhya Dhara Shah, who is highly qualified,traditionally trained in India and have over 25 year's of experience.

Initial Consultation (60 Minutes)

This is in depth analysis of your health history and current heal concerns/problems. We will determine your body type (Prakruti) and your current state (Vikruti). Everything will be explained in terms that are easily understood and a guideline will be introduced on how to implement Ayurveda into your everyday life. We will recommend lifestyle adjustments, dietary plan, herbal supplements and suitable ayurveda healing therapies.

Deep Dive Consultation (90 Minutes)

This consultation is recommended for conditions that need more evaluation and study of individual condition. This consultation can be obtained as initial or as follow up to Initial.

Follow up Consultation/Panchkarma Consultation (45 Minutes)

During this visit we will review the improvement that you experienced since your last consultation and make appropriate recommendations Panchkarma Consultation is for who are interested to book panchkarma program with Ayurvedapath Wellness Inc.
During this consultation we give scheduled plan for Panchkarma, price and provide detailed information like prep steps for this therapy.

Online Consultation

Please note that phone consultation is primarily for those who cannot come in person.By it's nature it cannot be as complete as a Personal Consultation, as an Ayurvedic Physical Examination cannot be performed.