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AyurvedaPath to restore balance of body and mind through Natural and Scientific way.  
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Up coming Workshop



1.  Ayurveda for Fall :                                 Coming Soon.

  • You understand effects of fall on your body.

  • You will learn how ayurveda helps you minimize environmental effects of ayurveda.

  • You will learn how to prevent diseases that occur in fall and spring.

  • You have an opportunity to understand yourself, your body, your imbalances and how ayurveda cooking recipes helps to heal your body.

2.  Ayurveda for stress :                              Coming soon

  • This workshop is designed to teach you how to live with nature’s cycle in order to reduce stress in your daily life. Learn how to avoid the dangers of stress using India’s ancient traditional system of medicine. Learn how your specific body type can reduce stress by simple nutritional changes and calming daily routines. You will learn that ‘what you eat’, ‘when you sleep’, and even the ‘way you breathe’ can ward off stress and provide you with optimal health..

3.  Preventation & Healing by Ayurveda:    Coming soon

4.  Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbs:           Coming soon

For registration and more information Call (780) 490-1414

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