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Ayurveda Healing Therapy


Ayurvedic Healing Therapies

Abhyang:(Ayurvedic massage)

Abhyanga is an ancient Indian art of oil massage used for healing, relaxation and for treatment of various diseases. During massage, gentle pressure on Marma provides Parana energy to the body and mind which gives ultimate healing. In Abhyanga, special herb infused Ayurvedic oils are slowly warmed up and gently massaged in to the skin. Herbs and oils may vary depends on individuals.

This luxurious herbal-oil massage reduces imbalance, calm the mind, and relieves tissues and joints discomfort. Ayurvedic massage is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body. It simultaneously calms and strengthens the nervous system. In this way Abhyanga massage is a protector, preserver and rejuvenator.

Shirodhara:  Shirodhara is a therapeutic Marma head massage with herbal oil poured in gently and steadily over the forehead. Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy of pouring oil or other liquids on the forehead, allowing the oil to run through the scalp and into the hair. This results in a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner peace.
Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy helps to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress. It helps in relaxing the nervous system and balancing the Prana Vayu around the head and makes one calm and fresh.

Nasya:(Nasal sinus cleansing):    Nasya is a therapy in which medicated aromatic herbal oil applied through the nose .It will helps to remove congestion of the sinuses, nourishing the mucosa and improve functions.

Bashpa Swedanam:(Ayurvedic Medicated Steam Bath):    This is a unique therapy and under this therapy steam of leaves is passed to the whole body. BaspSwedan improve the process of blood circulation in body and so it is helpful to eliminate impurities from the body, reducing fat and also helpful to reduces stiffness and pain.

Nadi Swedanm:    Nadi Swedanam is usually done for localized conditions to relieve pain. Nadi Swedanam is done with the steam of herbs is applied to the affected area . Before Nadi Swedanm, proper oleation of the affected part is required.
It improves the process of blood circulation and reduce stiffness of the joints and muscles and brings softness to muscles,joints and  body.

Pinda Swedanm:    Pinda Swedanam is done by external application of medicinal herbal plants, leaves or other specific prepared material regarding health condition . This therapy can be applied whole body or any specific part. Proper oleation is required prior to Pinda Swedanm.
Pinda Swedanm is reduced aggravated Vata, improve blood circulation, nourishes bones, muscles and nerves and helps skeleton and neuromuscular conditions.

Udvartanm:   An aromatic blend of medicinal herbs and oils are vigorously massaged onto the body to break up Kapha imbalances such as lethargy, decreased circulation, body fat, and swelling.

Urobasti:     Warm medicated oil is kept over the chest. Urobasti is an effective therapy for cough, congestion and chest pain.

Shirobasti:   In this therapy, medicated oil will filled on the head and kept for some time. Shirobasti is  beneficial in Vata imbalance in the head as well as hair falling ,greying hair and  dandruff.

Janubasti:   Janubasti is very helpful in degenerative change like osteoarthritis in which medicated oil will apply regarding imbalanced doshas.

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