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Ayurveda Cleasnsing Therapy


Panchkarma (Ayurvedic Cleansing Therapaies) :

Panchkarma is a programme offers complete health & rejuvanation through elimination of diseases-causing "ama" (accumulated toxins) from body and helps to re-establish health & balance.
Pachkarma programmes may include one or more Ayurvedic therapies according to individuals needs and degree of imbalance .

The programme will follow in three stages .
1) Pre-panchkarma : Oilation and warming up the body for loosen "ama" & encourage to flow in the body.
2) During panchkarma : Elimination of toxins from the body
3) After panchkarma : Diet recommendation for following days.

Panchkarma is best done at season change or when you are out of balance or dealing with an illness.

Panchkarma is a special, procedure requiring guidance from a properly trained ayurvedic physician. It is performed individually for each person, which his/her specific constitution and imbalance, it requires observation and supervision including post-cleansing support. :

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