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Ayurvedapath to restore balance of body and mind through Natural and Scientific way.  
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considered to be the oldest healing science, has a comprehensive & scientific approach to health. Ayurveda has helped many people to live long, healthy & well balanced lives.

We offer natural authentic & effective ayurvedic therapies to improve health and wellness of each person we serve. Our aim is to provide customized therapeutic modalities for prevention and rejuvenation to maintain health & balance also support those who are experiencing health problems and who wish to restore health and balance in their lives.

Ayurvedic health consultation, healing therapies & educational workshops are an important aspect of our vision.
We also provide Remedial Massage. Some of the insurance plans cover this service partially or in full.
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We are located at
Edmonton, Alberta.
Stay tuned for Home Detox Program (Fall Edition)
For more information contact info@ayurvedapath.com

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